Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's Right and Wrong

I don't understand why it is so hard for athletes to stay out of trouble, especially professional ones. To my understanding being a pro is setting a good example for others that look up to you and having high character. You don't have to be out in the club and partying everynight, and then driving home drunk risking a DUI case if you're stopped. That must be the dumbest case any celebrity or athlete can get. Spend the money and have a driver or car service atleast to take you home. 

Then you got the athletes getting caught up for possession of weed and other drugs. My opionion is to leave all that stuff alone period if you're an athlete because it does nothing good for your body. But if you gonna be doing it keep it in your own privacy, don't be driving around with it on you. Yes nobody is perfect but common sense is suppose to be common. Athletes gotta know when they're out in public with their boys and they get into a fight with somebody, the media is gonna put it out as that athelete's group and not just single out the individuals who were fighting. 

If you plan on going out atleast go where the other celebrities and professionals are. You can't go to your regular club or whatever and think the averge joe isn't gonna try to start something with you. People always tell me don't nothing good happen after midnight thats why I choose to stay in and be lowkey and if I'm fortunate to become a pro athlete that won't change. 

Switching focus a little bit. I know we all see the diamond chains and earrings, the 50 cars and you go why is that person wasting all that money. It really is crazy sometimes when you see the tag prices on some of these things like $300,000 chains and watches, or $2,000 pair of glasses. Why have 50 cars when you only drive one at a time. Its safe to say that a lot of pro athletes come from having little as they grew up so its simple to go spend money like crazy when they get it for the first time in their lives, but can you really blame them? Why aren't more people out there helping and advising athletes on how to properly spend their money. You can't be so quick to judge and say you would know how to spend the money better because do you really know what you would do if your bank account went from zero to millions of dollars at the blink of an eye?

Im sure more athletes will continue to be caught up in the law and getting in trouble but if they take the time to think about the decisions they make a little more and consequences that may come I think many more would be able to avoid problems for themselves. And hopefully they realize that material things aren't the only important things to buy. Investing in things that will insure their finacial stability in the long term will be good is a must because one day your playing days will come to a end.