Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Social Media and Athletes

We all know the internet has just about everything and anything you want to know. As a recruit and athlete its good and bad. Good because if you're a big name the fans are going to know close to everything about you. Its bad because the fans are going to know close to everything about you. Social media is hottest thing right now. With facebook and twitter running, they make myspace and aim look like something you read about in history books. If you don't have any of them you're really technology challenged. As a big name athelete if you have facebook and twitter accounts the natural thing for a fan to do is keep track of you and see what kind of person you are, and most of the time just to bw friends with you and see if you will actually talk to them. Why else would it be open to the public until you choose to change your settings to private. I laughed at the story about the boy who deleted his facebook or whatever because too many fans were bugging him about which school to go to. If you can't handle that, you might not be ready for big time football because you better get use to interacting with the fans. Then you have sites such as,, and plenty of other team related sites to keep fans in the loop on recruits and what offers they're getting and what trips they're taking. To go along with that their are message boards where everybody knows everything. So many people act like they know what atheletes are doing, you swear some people on the message boards lived with the athelete with all the so called "insider info" or "sources" they have. And yes the recruits know about them and read them so watch what you say.

I had this topic suggested to me to talk about my experience with social media and with the tennessee fans in particular. Personally I've had nothing but positive experiences since I've had a facebook and twitter. The first time around during recruiting it wasn't as big yet. But during my recruitment at juco, I was getting requests like crazy on facebook from fans of every school I was talking to. My twitter was blowing up constantly. At first I was accepting everyone, but when it start getting down to the end it was getting crazy, but funny at the same time. The tennessee and miami fans were on my facebook wall talking smack to each other. The tennessee fans and miami fans all showed me love though and i was humbled to feel the presence of being wanted by two great schools which I really couldnt go wrong with picking either. I remember on twitter asking for followers and by the end of the night I had gained about 300 followers in less then a couple of hours from tennessee fans, and now I still continue to get followers from my fellow Vols. They send me alot of encouraging things that make me even more excited to get there and perform in front of them. I started doing this blog because I felt like I wanted the Vol family and everyone else to be even closer to me and get to know me outside the field and see I'm not just a body in a uniform. I use the social media as a positive tool to get information to the fans and use it to market myself because coach dooley and I talked about making a name for myself and creating my image and what I want people to think of when they hear my name. Social media is fun connecting with the fans and I always make sure I try to write you back if you write me. I'll never be the guy who is too good to have interaction with the fans. I learned that up while at USC. Coach Caroll was all about the fans mainly the kids who look up to us, he always told us it wasnt gonna kill us to stay after practice a few extra mins to take pictures and sign autographs. That might be one of the best moments in life for a person to get a picture with you or your autograph so I always try to make someone's day by being nice. 

Like I said the social media and internet can be bad too. As soon as you mess up as a athlete it will be on the news, on twitter, facebook, and all the message boards. Your public image can be trashed with the click of a button. All it takes is one wrong picture to be posted on facebook and you'll be hurting the team, your family, community, and yourself.  Athletes are under the microscope at all times. Is it fair? Probably not but it comes with the title. You have higher standards to live by because you are heroes to people and role models so you have to set the right examples. So to me its nothing wrong with having a facebook or twitter. As a athlete you just have to monitor it very cautiously, no inapproiate pictures or cussing all in your status updates and tweets. You gotta act like a pro on and off the field.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dreams Part 1 of 3

Everybody has dreams. Our dreams give us something positive to always look forward to acheiving. We set goals to try to reach those dreams.

My dream is to be a NFL football player, and I am on the path now trying to get there. It started with flag football, moving on to pop warner and evenutally having a successful high school career. The older I got the more I wanted that dream to become reality. It was in high school when I really felt that I can make this dream happen. I became one of the nations top players and became a U.S. Army All American. 


I showed up to highschool as one of the top pop warner players from the area. Freshman year was a big jump. Football was more then just going to the park for practice. Now i had weightlifting, conditioning, practice, team events on the weekends like 7on7 tournaments and still balancing school. 

Sophmore year was a rough time for me. I had knee surgery in the summer going into my sophmore season and I was going to miss the whole season. It would be my first time without football since I had started playing flag. I always worried during that year off would I be able to come back and perform like I always did. All i thought about was my dream of making it to the NFL, so I told myself to take advantage of this opportunity and make my game better. Once I was cleared to train, I began rehabbing and lifting weights, if anything I was gonna come back as strong as i could. The year off flew by and I couldnt wait to get back on the field. I just wanted to play football because I loved the game so much. So after I had a good comeback year as a junior and i started getting recruited, it hit me that football was much bigger then the NFL. Football was going to be my way to college. I didn't know much about the recruiting process, but I knew i had another dream and that was to go to USC. The first time I stepped foot on campus I wanted to be a Trojan, but that was when I was 10 and as a 16 year old now I figured that would never happen. UCLA came in during the spring of my junior year and offered and eventually I accepted it. I thought i was done with everything and looked forward to being a Bruin. The summer came before senior year and I got a call from Pete Carroll and I was in complete silence. The coach I watched on tv for years and dreamed about playing for was on the phone with me. He knew I was commited to UCLA, but he wanted me to come to a camp and workout. With me being a competitive person I took the challenge and decided to go. I trained hard during the weeks leading up to the camp and when the day came I went out and did what I knew how and thats play ball. The coaches loved what they saw and offered me once the camp was over. Now i had a decision to make. Stick with UCLA or switch to my childhood dream school?? It was one of the first tough decisions I would have to make but I went with my dream school and picked USC and signed with them on signing day.

Part 2- My USC Experience 

Dreams Part 2 of 3


I didn't have much time off from highschool. I graduated on a friday and was moved in to USC on sunday of the same weekend. So you can say i had a 2 day summer. My roommates were real cool and i still miss them everyday and stay in contact. We'll always have memories that will last forever. We were set to start our college lives. Away from home on our own as we were getting ready for summer school and summer workouts with our new team. I think starting school was easier then taking on the workouts lol. I was living the dream, going to my dream school and being able to stay close to home to play in front of family and friends. The team welcomed me and the rest of the freshman with open arms and took us under their wings to guide us through showing us the ropes. The summer ended well and it was time for fall camp. Your first fall camp is probably the hardest time in football. At some point there comes a time when you ask yourself, is football really what i wanna do? But if you can stay mentally tough and take care of your body you'll be fine. I loved the coaching staff at USC. They were all fun to be around and loved coaching. It was hard to accept redshirting at first because as a player you always feel like you can do anything anyone else can if not better. So it would be another year i had to sit out of football. It was harder this time around because it wasnt for any medical reasons, and I still had to workout, go to practice, do everything the team did except play in the game. As a highschool recruit coaches tell you how good you are and all the things you can come in and do for the team. You go from being an all american to watching on the sidelines waiting for your turn. But once I accepted my role I embraced it and went with it. I got to learn from some really good defensive backs like taylor mays and kevin thomas and josh pinkard. All seniors who knew how to prepare for games and how to take care of their bodies so I was always around them soaking up info like a sponge. As the season's end started nearing I could start getting excited again because I knew my turn would be next the following year but the unexpected happened. The coach I thought would be my head coach during my career at USC decided to go to the pros again. I didnt know what to expect at first. But I was gonna stick with my teammates no matter what. The news came that lane kiffin would be the new head coach and monte kiffin would be the next defensive coordinator. So I was excited to be able to play for a defensive legend. The new staff came in and shook up things. It was gonna be all business for now on. As spring ball approached I couldnt wait to get back on the field for practice and show the new staff what I could do. I knew they didnt recruit me so I had alot to prove along with the other players. I felt that I had a real good spring ball but it wasnt looking like the coaches felt the same. I began to think about if I really wanted to stay at USC. By now the sanctions had came but it didnt really bother me. It would just be two years without a bowl game but thats just one extra game, we would still be able to play a season. I knew a degree from USC would be powerful and I still had fall camp to prove I should be a starter but I decided I wasnt happy at USC. It wasn't as fun as it was before with coach caroll and his staff. I knew if I was gonna leave i would have to do it before camp. Where to was the question. If i went to any other division one program i would have to sit out a year for transferring and i didnt want to sit out two years straight. So i decided i would go back home and attend junior college.

Part 3. Juco and tennessee

Dreams Part 3 of 3


I didnt really know what to expect from going to juco. So I just went in with a open mind and had one goal, to get back to Division 1 football. I think alot of people get discourage when they realize they have to go to a juco. I can say personally it was a good experience for me and actually helped in some ways. I was able to knock out alot of classes so when i transfer to tennessee it will help me graduate quicker. I obviously wasn't the average juco player who couldn't qualify out of high school, or didn't have many schools interest, or got kicked out of school for grade issues. I was a qualifier out of high school and didn't have any grade issues while attending USC. So going to juco was my own decision. The competition i saw was still good to go against. People may think you go to juco because you're not good enough but really the players are just as good. they may have just made wrong decisions that prevented them from getting any offers out of high school or they may have bounced back from a university like me for whatever reason.

Recruiting part 2

When i first got to juco i thought about staying close to home again and going to ucla once i graduated from juco, but as the year went on i started feeling more like going away for college since i had already expericened staying home for USC. As my name began getting hot again colleges were starting to come around and offer. I went through different phases. At one point i was feeling like goin back to the pac-10. Either oregon state, arizona, or washington. Then one night i got a call from tennessee and talked to coach joseph about coming on a visit and i agreed to it. Some time went by and miami got in contact with me but the hold up at first was that coach shannon wasn't taking juco players unless they were mid-year transfers and i had to stay a year to get my aa degree. So miami kinda fell off for a while and ohio state got in the mix. So now i was feeling like i didnt wanna go back to the pac-10. One thing i knew for sure was i wasn't gonna make a decision until i took all my official visits and evaluated every school because there wasn't gonna be anymore transferring so i had to make the right decision. Somebody asked can i give some insight on how recruiting was different for me this time around. The main thing was i was gonna make the decision myself and no one was gonna influence me. I took all 5 visits and in high school i only took 2 and not one was even to usc. I took my time and waited the whole process out. I left no questions unanswered when talking with all the coaches. It helped me having already been through the process. I knew what to expect and how to separate the real from fake. So anyway once my season ended i was feeling the SEC alot and i had three SEC visits set up and one to ohio state and oregon state. My first one was tennessee and i loved everything about it. The whole weekend was perfect just like any other official visit they gonna make it perfect but it was something different about UT that was telling me this might be the place and i was tempted to commit but i had to take my other trips first. After that, visit after visit i took I would come home and pretty much tell the school i wasn't interested anymore. Around christmas time miami had hired coach golden and he was in contact with me right away. He seemed like a real good guy and another positive was that he had two former coaches i was with at USC on his staff at miami. I canceled a trip to LSU and replaced it with miami. It became clear it was gonna be a tennessee and miami battle for me. The miami trip was another great trip. Everything about it was what i was looking for in a school. So i commited to them. As i rode the plane back home i was starting to think did i make the right decision or was i just caught in the moment? I didn't really feel the way i felt on my tennessee trip but miami made sense. They had no corners, i would get a good education, and i would be coming in with the new staff. But once i got home i couldn't stop thinking about tennessee and that was my first visit which means for them to still be strong on my mind it had to be something special there. So i called the miami coaches and told them i had made a mistake and commited too early. And i would make my final decision before signing day. I thought about that feeling i had at tennessee and playing in the SEC. I liked the vol for life program coach dooley runs, and the football program itself was in place since the UT coaches had been there and proven they could win and get to a bowl game. The miami coaches was only there for a month leading up to signing day. After sleeping on it for a few days and praying i decided i would be a vol.

No matter what your dreams are you just gotta believe in yourself and believe u can make your dreams come true. We all take different paths to get to our dreams but if u stick with it u can acheive it. People say i was crazy for leaving USC, i probably was but look at me now. I haven't missed a beat. My dream started off as being a pro football player and it still is. But the path im on to getting there is a dream itself. I'll be able to say i attended two great universities, I've traveled to places i never thought I would see. And im gonna be getting a free education all because of football. And u know what ? Im just getting started.

More questions answered

What's the thing you are looking forward to the most when you step into Neyland Stadium for your first game?

Just running through the T and seeing orange everywhere and hearing 100,000 fans going wild. Also cant wait to make them go crazy on my first interception

S or CB? Who do you look to for inspiration? Favorite athlete growing up?

As far as i know i'll be starting out at corner, but if the coaches need me to play safety i can. Wherever I'm needed the most. I pretty much inspire myself and motivate myself to do good so one day i can take care of my family. If you can't motivate yourself you shouldn't be in football, its all mental. Never really had a favorite athlete but if i had to choose one it would be ray lewis because he plays the game with so much love and passion

What do u bring to UT football? What is your goal you want to achieve while there?

I bring a competitive drive that won't quit or give up when times get hard. I try to elevate people's play around me by leading by example and pushing others to their limit. I wanna win the national championship before i leave and hopefully the thorpe award

Whats going to be the biggest adjustment moving to Knoxville?

Dont really know, probably the weather but thats not really a big issue. Just looking forward to getting there and playing football.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life After Signing Day

Now that all the excitement and drama is all over with national signing day for recruits, you're probably wondering what they're up to now. Some are probably performing in other sports like basketball or track. Some may have trainers to workout with or they just continue to workout with their teams until its time to leave for their respected colleges.

As a highschool recruit once football was over I moved on to track. I did track all 4 years and it helped alot. All football players should consider running track to keep their speed improving and to stay in shape over the spring. The track team lifted weights and I also kept lifting with my team following the workout plan USC had sent me.

Now as a juco recruit, you're more on your own. We don't have a track team at my juco, so I'm not doing that this time. I have thought about getting back into it once I get to Tennessee. I have what lifts im suppose to do each day in a booklet laid out by the UT strength staff. They check in each week to see how its going. Im weighing 200lbs currently. They have running drills in the booklet as well to keep up with the conditioning. All the workouts are the exact ones the team is doing in Knoxville. Also i have my own trainers I workout with for my feetwork and core balance. We also do speedwork on the track and run different hills around LA so we're never doing the same thing and it keeps the workouts new and fresh. The goal is to get to Tennessee running a 4.45 forty. I also train at Athletes Performance where many college guys train before their combine and pro day workouts. There I do all weightlifting and core work. Having a strong core is a important aspect for football players and alot of empashis gets put on it in workouts now. 

The Tennessee nutritional staff is also apart of this process as they have sent great info on what to eat and different meal plans to make sure I eat right. I do miss my mcdonalds sometimes lol.

Dont let me forget with all that I'm still taking spring classes and I am on track to graduate in June with my aa degree and being on the honor roll for back to back semesters with a 3.5 or better. I will be enrolling in Tennessee soon after.

Wanna know what other Vol signees are doing?

"I do my UT workout and enjoy senior year. Anxiously awaiting the day I start at Tennessee." - Alan Posey
"Workout with my trainer and of course read the playbook and talk to positions coaches on a daily basis."
 -Deanthony Arnett. 

"I haven't been playing any other sports. Staying focused on the near future. I've been working out with a personal trainer(Lou) and his program called Peak Performance. Also i have been eating healthier foods and staying hydrated so when i get to UT, we can get to business. Go Vols!" - Curt Maggit

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First post

Welcome to my blog, I hope you will enjoy reading. I plan on doing a weekly blog leading up to my arrival in knoxville. This is just my first one so I'm just getting the hang of it. You guys can send me questions to my twiiter (@bmoore9vfl) and I will answer them in my blogs. I'll keep you guys updated on my workouts and how training is going and everything I have going on as I prepare for the next chapter in my life.