Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life After Signing Day

Now that all the excitement and drama is all over with national signing day for recruits, you're probably wondering what they're up to now. Some are probably performing in other sports like basketball or track. Some may have trainers to workout with or they just continue to workout with their teams until its time to leave for their respected colleges.

As a highschool recruit once football was over I moved on to track. I did track all 4 years and it helped alot. All football players should consider running track to keep their speed improving and to stay in shape over the spring. The track team lifted weights and I also kept lifting with my team following the workout plan USC had sent me.

Now as a juco recruit, you're more on your own. We don't have a track team at my juco, so I'm not doing that this time. I have thought about getting back into it once I get to Tennessee. I have what lifts im suppose to do each day in a booklet laid out by the UT strength staff. They check in each week to see how its going. Im weighing 200lbs currently. They have running drills in the booklet as well to keep up with the conditioning. All the workouts are the exact ones the team is doing in Knoxville. Also i have my own trainers I workout with for my feetwork and core balance. We also do speedwork on the track and run different hills around LA so we're never doing the same thing and it keeps the workouts new and fresh. The goal is to get to Tennessee running a 4.45 forty. I also train at Athletes Performance where many college guys train before their combine and pro day workouts. There I do all weightlifting and core work. Having a strong core is a important aspect for football players and alot of empashis gets put on it in workouts now. 

The Tennessee nutritional staff is also apart of this process as they have sent great info on what to eat and different meal plans to make sure I eat right. I do miss my mcdonalds sometimes lol.

Dont let me forget with all that I'm still taking spring classes and I am on track to graduate in June with my aa degree and being on the honor roll for back to back semesters with a 3.5 or better. I will be enrolling in Tennessee soon after.

Wanna know what other Vol signees are doing?

"I do my UT workout and enjoy senior year. Anxiously awaiting the day I start at Tennessee." - Alan Posey
"Workout with my trainer and of course read the playbook and talk to positions coaches on a daily basis."
 -Deanthony Arnett. 

"I haven't been playing any other sports. Staying focused on the near future. I've been working out with a personal trainer(Lou) and his program called Peak Performance. Also i have been eating healthier foods and staying hydrated so when i get to UT, we can get to business. Go Vols!" - Curt Maggit


  1. Excellent to see how serious not only about football but school as well. Keep it up!

  2. Stay sharp and focused Byron and you will succeed at anything you want. Glad you're a VFL.

  3. Very cool to be able to read an update straight from the players. Even way up here in Erie PA we're all excited to see all you guys hit the field! I hope you really do get that strong sense of family from your teammates and fans in Knoxville. I did as soon as I showed up in 04, and though I have left, K-town and the Vols have never left me. Best of luck, keep up the hard work!

  4. congrats on your consecutive 3.5s! cum laude!

    can't wait to see you perform this fall, byron!

  5. Thanks for doing this Byron. Looking forward to watching you play for the Vols. VFL!