Friday, March 25, 2011

Dreams Part 2 of 3


I didn't have much time off from highschool. I graduated on a friday and was moved in to USC on sunday of the same weekend. So you can say i had a 2 day summer. My roommates were real cool and i still miss them everyday and stay in contact. We'll always have memories that will last forever. We were set to start our college lives. Away from home on our own as we were getting ready for summer school and summer workouts with our new team. I think starting school was easier then taking on the workouts lol. I was living the dream, going to my dream school and being able to stay close to home to play in front of family and friends. The team welcomed me and the rest of the freshman with open arms and took us under their wings to guide us through showing us the ropes. The summer ended well and it was time for fall camp. Your first fall camp is probably the hardest time in football. At some point there comes a time when you ask yourself, is football really what i wanna do? But if you can stay mentally tough and take care of your body you'll be fine. I loved the coaching staff at USC. They were all fun to be around and loved coaching. It was hard to accept redshirting at first because as a player you always feel like you can do anything anyone else can if not better. So it would be another year i had to sit out of football. It was harder this time around because it wasnt for any medical reasons, and I still had to workout, go to practice, do everything the team did except play in the game. As a highschool recruit coaches tell you how good you are and all the things you can come in and do for the team. You go from being an all american to watching on the sidelines waiting for your turn. But once I accepted my role I embraced it and went with it. I got to learn from some really good defensive backs like taylor mays and kevin thomas and josh pinkard. All seniors who knew how to prepare for games and how to take care of their bodies so I was always around them soaking up info like a sponge. As the season's end started nearing I could start getting excited again because I knew my turn would be next the following year but the unexpected happened. The coach I thought would be my head coach during my career at USC decided to go to the pros again. I didnt know what to expect at first. But I was gonna stick with my teammates no matter what. The news came that lane kiffin would be the new head coach and monte kiffin would be the next defensive coordinator. So I was excited to be able to play for a defensive legend. The new staff came in and shook up things. It was gonna be all business for now on. As spring ball approached I couldnt wait to get back on the field for practice and show the new staff what I could do. I knew they didnt recruit me so I had alot to prove along with the other players. I felt that I had a real good spring ball but it wasnt looking like the coaches felt the same. I began to think about if I really wanted to stay at USC. By now the sanctions had came but it didnt really bother me. It would just be two years without a bowl game but thats just one extra game, we would still be able to play a season. I knew a degree from USC would be powerful and I still had fall camp to prove I should be a starter but I decided I wasnt happy at USC. It wasn't as fun as it was before with coach caroll and his staff. I knew if I was gonna leave i would have to do it before camp. Where to was the question. If i went to any other division one program i would have to sit out a year for transferring and i didnt want to sit out two years straight. So i decided i would go back home and attend junior college.

Part 3. Juco and tennessee

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